The SIF Prize in memory of Marco Cacciani for the best presentation by a young researcher in the Geophysics and Environmental Physics Section.

di Sarra A., Angelini F., Argentini S., Campanelli M., Casadio S., Casasanta G., Ciardini V., Di Bernardino A., Di Donfrancesco G. , Di Girolamo P., Di Iorio T., Di Liberto L., Dionisi D., Di Sabatino S., Ferretti R., Fuà D., Iannarelli A.M., Madonna F., Meloni D., Muscari G., Pace G., Pappalardo G., Pisacane G., Rizi V., Scoccione A., Siani A., Tirelli C.
  Lunedì 11/09   16:15 - 19:30   Aula F3 - Maria Telkes   IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
Marco Cacciani has been a researcher and teacher at the Department of Physics of the University of Rome Sapienza. He has contributed to national and international research activities in atmospheric physics, and in particular in the development, use, and application, of lidar systems to monitor the atmosphere. His heritage is connected with enthusiasm for research, knowledge transmission to younger collaborators, experimental techniques and field activities, ability to cooperate with a wide section of the scientific community. The Prize intends to acknowledge the work of a young researcher working in geophysics, in particular in polar sciences, with the suggestion of following Marco's constructive and, at the same time, entertaining approach to research activity