The Naples national facility for aerosol remote sensing of the ACTRIS research infrastructure.

Manzo M., Boselli A., Damiano R., Sannino A., Spinosa S., Amoruso S.
  Lunedì 11/09   16:15 - 19:30   Aula F3 - Maria Telkes   IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente   Presentazione
The Naples facility is part of the European Research Infrastructure ACTRIS ---Aerosol Cloud and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure--- and in the international networks EARLINET and AERONET. Its main objective is the characterization of atmospheric aerosol and the study of its influence on the environment, climate, and atmospheric physics, using remote sensing instrumentations and in situ monitoring techniques. The main techniques are based on the interaction of optical radiation with atmospheric constituents, as lidar and sunphotometer. These techniques are complemented by various support diagnostics such as meteorological probes, optical particle counter, etc. In this communication we will report on the recent refurbishment of the Naples facility in the frame of PON project PER-ACTRIS-IT, that allowed the upgrade of the MALIA and HSRL lidar systems, the acquisition of a transportable lidar and a mobile unit useful for measurement campaigns on the territory. Besides these, the ACTRIS National facility in Naples is further equipped with two sunphotometers and two lidars measuring wind profiles, making it a very useful observation site for aerosol monitoring in the Mediterranean area.